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Who Is The Best Chiropractor In Murfreesboro?

My wife read that headline and looked at me. “Gee, I wonder what your answer to that rhetorical question might be.”

“You might be surprised,” I told her. “You’ll have to read the article, just like everyone else.”

This column is in response to a reader that asked me how to choose a chiropractor in Murfreesboro .

Although I have been in practice for approximately two decades and my ego would like to suggest that I am indeed the best chiropractor in at least a ten-state area; the truth is there are many excellent chiropractors.

I work very hard to develop my abilities, hire exceptional staff members, and invest in high-quality equipment and facilities.

Few Murfreesboro chiropractors have been in practice as long as I have. Experience in practice is certainly an asset.

When I am choosing a professional of any sort, I like the idea that someone has been around a while.

Besides variations in tenure, there are differences in the manual techniques used by chiropractors. Some approaches are extremely gentle, while other techniques are more vigorous.

Which is better? It depends; there are advantages to each approach. In our office we use a variety of techniques for different situations. I have found that if a chiropractor is skilled at their preferred technique, the patient is very likely to see good results.

Most Murfreesboro chiropractors will recommend a series of visits to effectively treat your problem. Some chiropractors recommend longer treatment plans than others.

In our office, we try to accomplish results very quickly, yet follow through sufficiently to minimize the chance of the problem recurring.

I explain to patients that chiropractic does take some repetition, just like physical therapy or orthodontics.

In my opinion, if you are choosing a chiropractor for yourself or your family, your question shouldn’t be “Who’s the best?” but rather “Who’s the best choice for my needs?”

Fortunately for patients, chiropractic in general is very safe and typically very effective. For most conditions that are appropriate for chiropractic care, most patients will do well when treated by a well-chosen chiropractor.

When a patient is moving to a new location, they often ask me for a referral. If I know a well-qualified colleague in the area, I recommend that doctor. If I don’t, I advise the patient to ask everyone they meet who they recommend. Often several doctors will be mentioned but usually one or two names will rise to the top.

I also recommend that the patient schedule an initial brief meeting with the chiropractor they have chosen. They can then gauge the personality, confidence and interest level of the doctor.
They can observe the friendliness and competence of the staff, cleanliness of the office, convenience and other criteria that may be important to them. In most cases, chiropractors will offer this consultation for no charge.

For some patients, inclusion in an insurance plan may be a concern. Even though most insurance plans cover chiropractic care, not all Murfreesboro chiropractors are included in every plan. When you go for your initial consultation, ask the staff to verify your chiropractic coverage.

Although most Murfreesboro chiropractors are well-qualified and practice professionally, occasionally a patient will tell me of an encounter that wasn’t what it should be. Just like every other profession, there are times when a patient is not happy with the office, doctor, staff, or their results.

My advice is to consult a different chiropractor. Just as you would not abandon dental care if you had one bad experience with a particular dentist, you should consider getting a second opinion from another chiropractor.

The good news is that chiropractic has been practiced successfully and safely as a profession for more than a century and the right chiropractor is likely to help you get positive results.

Next week you can read about a natural alternative to cholesterol-lowering drugs. Until then consider trying chiropractic.

Dr. Mark Kestner